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NFA (National Firearms Act) items pertain to those firearms or other restricted items identified in the 1934 act that imposes a fee and registration. The items (firearms) are suppressors, SBR (short barreled rifles), SBS (short barreled shotguns), machine guns, DD (destructive devices) and AOW (any other weapon) such as pen guns, knife guns...

Surplus Ammo & Arms LLC sells mainly suppressors and SBR's.

If you are looking to transfer an NFA item to us, you will need to complete the following form.


Suppressors sometimes called silencers are legal to own in Washington State. We normally stock over 400 different suppressors for various calibers.


We will review the most popular method for purchasing and owning a suppressor.


We recommend you form a non-profit which will act as the entity that owns the suppressor(s). We recommend using Northwest Gun Law Group. The cost is currently $97 for their GunDocx Bronze Edition Trust. You basically do it on-line, print it out and get it notarized. YOU MUST HAVE THIS COMPLETE AND NOTARIZED BEFORE YOU COME TO THE STORE TO PURCHASE A SUPPRESSOR.

Next you will need to bring two (2) FBI FD-258 fingerprint cards (with your fingerprints on them). You can get these at various LE agencies or in Tacoma at South Sound 911. These are dated and must be less than 30 days old when submitting. YOU MUST BRING THIS WITH YOU TO THE STORE - WE DO NOT HAVE A KIOSK TO DO THIS.

In addition you will need to provide three (3) passport photos of yourself. You can get these at most Bartell drug stores. We will use two of the photos when we submit your form 4. You will use one photo when you deliver a copy of your form 4 to your local LE. You can mail or hand deliver it. WE DO NOT PROVIDE PHOTOS AT THE STORE.

Finally, you will need to bring a check or USPS money order for $200 for each suppressor. These will be made out to "BATFE" and will pay for the tax stamp for each suppressor. Some people like to use a personal check so that they know when it has been cashed. Some people think that a USPS money order or Cashier's Check is best as it won't "bounce". WE CAN NOW TAKE CREDIT and DEBIT CARDS FOR BATFE TAX STAMP PAYMENTS BUT WE DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS AS YOUR CARD MAY FAIL FOR VARIOUS REASONS.

We will help you complete the "assignment" page that lists the items (suppressors) on your trust. You must bring your assignment page as some are different and we can not make an assignment page for you.

We will complete your ATF "Form 4" for you and have you sign it as the trustee.

Now you can pay for your suppressor(s) and we will place them in our safe on hold until you get disposition of your form 4. We will sign and send in your forms.

It can from 6 - 8 months (or longer) for the disposition of your form 4(s) but once it is approved, we will contact you to come in to the store, do an FBI background check and when we get a proceed we will transfer the suppressor(s) to you. You will receive your completed From 4 with the actual tax stamp afixed. Make copies or scans of these documents and KEEP THE ORIGINAL IN SAFE PLACE.

You must keep a copy of your form 4 (with the tax stamp) with your suppressor at all times. Be prepared to show this document when using your suppressors at many gun ranges or even while shooting in an open forest or quarry as some LE visit these places and can request you show proof of legal ownership.

If you choose to not buy a suppressor from Surplus Ammo and Arms but you want us to handle all the paperwork there is transfer fee of $100 for the first suppressor and $20 for each additional if done on the same transaction. The following form will need to completed and faxed to 253-301-4824 or emailed to Any unannounced transfers will require an additional charge depending on the transferee's attitude.

SBR (Short Barreled Rifles)

SBR's or Short Barreled Rifles can be acquired in Washington State through the same NFA process outlined above. A short barreled shotgun would be an AOW (Any Other Weapon) and can be acquired via the same process.

An individual can take a pistol (such as an AR15 pistol) and turn it into an SBR by completing a "Form 1", which is basically the same process outlined above.

A Form 4 is for purchasing an NFA/SBR/AOW item while the Form 1 is for converting (or manufacturing) an SBR.

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